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About the trip.

So here’s some details about the trip. I’m riding a greyhound from Muncie, IN on Friday, March 1st at 1305 EST to go to Indy, IN. I should get there around 1445 EST. From there I take another bus to Chicago, IL at 1725 EST and arrive at 2035 CST (2135 EST). I’ll leave Chicago on my last bus to Milwaukee, WI at 2125CST (2225 EST) and arrive at 2310CST (0010 EST). Anna will pick me up there and I’ll stay the night with her and Gryffon, her cute puppy.

On Saturday, March 2nd, Anna and I will be leaving Milwaukee, WI at 1626 CST (1726 EST) to fly to Detroit, MI where our connecting flight is. We will land there at 1840 EST. We get to chill for a bit and our flight to Seattle, WA leaves at 2000 EST and we will land at 2154 PST (0054 EST). Josh picks us up and our week of fun will begin.


Sadly, on Saturday, March 9th, Anna and I will have to head back home. We leave at 0810 PST (1110 EST) and will arrive in Minneapolis, MN at 1324 CST (1424 EST). Our last flight will be at 1510 CST (1610 EST) and we will land in Milwaukee at 1621 CST (1721 EST). Fun shenanigans to be held at her house for the night!

My last day of the adventure is Sunday, March 10th. I have to catch my Milwaukee bus at 0700 CST (0800 EST) to Chicago, IL, where I stop and wait, at 0900 CST (1000 EST). Long waiting until 1215 CST (1315 EST) where I will ride the bus to Indy, IN 1640 EST. My last and final bus is at 1730 EST, where upon I will arrive in Muncie for school at 1910 EST.

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